Christmas for Cousins afar

The nature of military life is that almost everyone you know well and care about lives far away from you. We get lucky at times and end up near close friends. But not this year. We are working on building a village and community here in New York but, as always, it takes time. My... Continue Reading →

Photography in Providence

While this blog is a little bit of all of me, I am terrible at blogging my professional work on my business website, Spot of Serendipity, even though I vow to do so each month. So I share it here instead. Ha! I posted this morning on Facebook and Intagram today and said that I... Continue Reading →


I am both angry and sad today. Depending on the moment, it could be either or both. Almost every day, I feel like a fish-out-of-water in this culture and I want to run away and never return. It started with feeling emotionally shut down as a kid and a teenager via religion and other unrealistic... Continue Reading →

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