Welcome to my creative space and my adventures in modern motherhood with my three little nuggets, Bean, Birdie, and Bear!

Here you will find bits of my photography, writing, research, work, and travels flavored with motherhood, the military, and small homestead life in Arizona. I like to keep it real – in this space and in real life.

Photography is a constant education, writing is therapy, research is knowledge, work is passion, and travel is food for the soul. Motherhood is hard as fuck because we are doing it all wrong in our culture, military life just plain sucks most of the time, and homestead life is all things slow and simple in the desert.

There. That’s real life. There is no sugar coating here. There are no Instagram filters on these images. Motherhood is not always unicorns and rainbows at my house, or anyone’s. And I actually hate being “married-to-the-military”; solo parenting is the worst. Truly. Shout-out to my full-time mamas.

So we get along with some Whiskey, Wine and Sunshine!

Come hang out, pour yourself some whiskey or wine, and share your story here too!

Love and peace,