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Another evening with my favorite friend…vino. Although it started as an interest, it has morphed into a passion. Wine is complicated, like life. But, it doesn’t have to be, also like life. Tonight, I am enjoying some Sauvignon Blanc…not my favorite but a good summer wine, light and fresh.

It’s too hot to ride yet so I decided to write until it cools off and I can hop on Annie for a bit. Last night, I rode in the dark with a friend – her first time since a child to be on a horse! That was interesting since we had no lights…. but she did great! I love these summer evenings and the sunsets they bring. And I am thankful for friends to spend them with.

Just as all the pieces of fermenting wine have to happen just so to make a good wine, I believe all the pieces of my life have happened just so even though none of it was what I had planned. That whole phrase of not planning out your life because God just laughs at you, I really believe is true. Wine is a process…it takes years to get to the perfect timing when it is poured into a glass and fully enjoyed the way it is supposed to be.

I have so many decisions to make right now but I am going to take them one day at a time and follow my heart. I have been confused for so long and all I want to do is simplify myself. I am throwing out clothes, shoes, books, anything I do not absolutely need. Less is more.

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