Fall, moving, running, etc…

concrete road between trees
Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Now that the weather is getting colder at night, we took advantage of it and made a fire last night in the chiminea with our hot chocolate and homemade banana bread…mmmm. Skip has been gone for two weeks for training and it was very nice to have him back! We spent most of last night catching up and filling each other in on what happened in our lives that the other missed the past two weeks. As of now, I am planning to do the move to Arizona with him, spend our birthdays and the holidays together and then head to Manhattan following New Year’s. I am also applying to a job I really want in AZ so if I get said job, a difficult decision will need to be made… I figure I should open as many doors as I can at this point and see which ones close. Why not??

I have nine days left of my twenties. Crazy.  I guess since there is so many other things going on right now, I have just begun to realize this is a milestone birthday less than two weeks away. Part of me feels excited to move forward into a new decade and the other part of me feels like I am waaaay behind in life for my age with regards to my goals and ambitions. Is this normal? When I thought about “30” in high school, and even college, I just pictured myself in a much different spot than I am now. But that’s the greatest thing about life: it’s never what you think it’s going to be. There are always unplanned surprises and adventures that are  better than what you had planned. I certainly did not picture myself divorced and starting over at this point in my life – with no children – but here I am! And I’m actually having a ton of fun and have learned so much from the last 2-3 years of my life.

This past weekend I did do something I have always wanted to do, and I decided to go for it at about 11pm the night before. I ran a 10K! I don’t really LOVE running, I like it …but mostly because of the way I feel afterwards. And when I do run, I’m a 2-3 miler kinda girl; certainly not SIX miles. In fact, the longest distance I’ve ever run in my entire life straight without walking is 4 miles. So, that 10K was the first time I ran 6 miles straight! And I didn’t walk once. It felt so good afterwards. The main reason I got up at 5am to do this run was because part of the course was over the Trent river in downtown New Bern, one of the most quaint and charming little towns in America. The sunrise over the river and running through historic, beautiful downtown New Bern was my motivation. That sunrise was incredible at 7:30 in the morning. The breeze was crisp, the air was chilly, and everyone was just happy to be outside in the fall weather. All in all, a perfect morning.

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