Daddy is home. Thank god. I really didn’t know how many more single mommy days I had in me. They tell us in post-deployment briefs that there is always an adjustment time when your partner returns home after months apart. You have your routine, whatever it is, whether it involves kiddos or not, and it’s hard to merge the two of you back together again. I have my moments where I want to step in and do it my way but I have to remind myself to step back and allow him to mere in with us. I have already figured out the fastest way to do most things with baby girl – diaper changes, bath time, feelings, getting into the carseat, getting in and out of public places etc etc. By no means am I a pro, but I had to figure out the most efficient way to do anything since I was on my own for so long. Daddy has his own way of doing things – or is still figuring out how – and I need to reserve my “stepping in” times for critical moments of distress with baby girl and allow him to “do his thang”.

The good news is he’s a natural born daddy. He’s got this down to an art. The kid was born to be a father. And baby girl luuuuuuvs her daddy. So, for the most part, he and baby girl have picked up where they left off and are right in sync as they always were before he left last October. It’s glorious to watch. I have no worries about his ability to change diapers, bathe her, dress her, meet her needs, help her when she falls, feed her healthy food and so on. I know he makes life fun for her. I know we agree on major topics of raising babies. I know she is happy with him.

Because of all that, it’s really awesome to have him home. I am not as tired as I usually am. It was SO great to walk from Harlem to the Bronx yesterday for the baseball game and my arms or back were not exhausted from carrying our wiggly toddler 🙂 daddy carried her the whole way!

And she loved every minute of it. That’s the very best part.

And this is the best part of all the photos I took yesterday encompassing all that is DADDY IS HOME.

(And a photo that depicts how he and baby girl usually end their days…makes my heart burst)

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