A Day of Sisters

I do not get to write as often as I would like. But when I feel inspired to put thoughts to paper, to share with the world, it usually stays at the forefront of my brain until I get it out.
So it is with this past week. There was so much love.  Especially Thursday. It was a day of sisterhood. True, real sisterhood. Women sharing lives with one another. A day that will live long in my mind and heart – one that I will always remember.
I began the day with breakfast with a dear friend. I met her because she hired me over two years ago. We met as strangers at a Starbucks – a brand new baby growing in her belly and a spry little toddler that came from my belly just a year prior. A few months later, as I helped her welcome her daughter into the world, a bond and a friendship was born. Birth bonds women for life. A rite of passage that you travel through with a sister by your side brands the soul forever. I will always be connected to her because of that day. And now she has asked me to be there as she welcomes her second daughter into the world in just a few short months. So we met last week, allowed our children to play and chatted about life. The struggles we have. The obstacles before us. The love of our children. The stress of pregnancy and relationships. The hardships that we cannot see past now. The triumphs previously conquered. And we bonded again. We need each as women.
I then journeyed on to lunch with another dear friend. Another beautiful woman who hired me to help her bring a second baby into the world and a bond and friendship was also formed. She has pursued such a voyage since then that makes my heart swell with happiness, pride and elation. Our connection is three-fold: sisterhood, motherhood and passion. We had a quick lunch and chased toddlers while having a go at a conversation amongst many interruptions. It is where we are in this stage of life. But she will always have a place in my heart for all we have experienced together and the common things we pursue that set both of our hearts on fire.
I left that lunch to continue on to meet with a new friend but a sister in this life of motherhood and birth. A woman who has conquered an incredibly traumatic experience to meet her first-born. She is strong and brave and is preparing to welcome a second baby into her arms. She shared her story with me…a day that was tragically not what she had planned….a day that should have been her most empowering moment but it was taken from her. It was stolen from her grasp. Her heart hurts and always will for what she endured. But she was courageous enough to share it with me and others. She was fearless enough to allow me to photograph her so that other women who have been in the same dark place as she has will know they are not alone. They will know they have a voice. And a platform to speak out about their experience.
I left her house that afternoon feeling inspired and humbled that she would open her home and heart to me. What a sisterhood. How motherhood brings women together. How we all have such a common bond solely because we grow, birth and nurture new life. It is a task reserved for love. Unconditional love. And it is hard. And we need each other because of it.
I moved on to dinner with a woman who has almost been a second mother to me. A second grandmother to my children. She showers them with gifts and affection just because she wants to. She is the greatest neighbor and friend one could ask or hope for. I am thrilled she is still such a huge part of our lives. The girls and I spent some quality time with her catching up and reading books and playing with dollhouses and petting horses and dogs and cats. It is always a magical time for my girls.
As I drove the two hours back home that night, I was so grateful. So thankful. So happy to have had that day. A day that will be hard to re-create. A day that filled me up and nourished my soul. A day that showed me what true sisterhood is. What real mothers confiding in and supporting one another is. A day that will always be written on my soul and imprinted in my memory.
To you four women that shared part of your life with me that day: thank you. Thank for being in the sisterhood of mothers. Thank you for allowing me privy to your hearts. Thank you for being in my village and my tribe. Thank you for sharing with me. Thank you for listening as I shared with you. Thank you.

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