Photography in Providence

While this blog is a little bit of all of me, I am terrible at blogging my professional work on my business website, Spot of Serendipity, even though I vow to do so each month. So I share it here instead. Ha! I posted this morning on Facebook and Intagram today and said that I have never, and still don’t, consider myself a “family photographer” even though I have photographed hundreds of families. The title just doesn’t “fit” in my head. I like to photograph people. I like to photograph life events. And I like to photograph people that I know in the midst of their life events most.

20180623_untitled shoot_untitled_01020180623_untitled shoot_untitled_14220180623_untitled shoot_untitled_17020180623_untitled shoot_untitled_28320180623_untitled shoot_untitled_396

But often, I photograph people I do not know in the midst of life events such as birth, marriage, pregnancy, and parenthood. It’s difficult for me to photograph people I do not know. It’s hard for me to pull emotion from them when I do not know what moves them. But then there are people like this family. They called me out of the blue to photograph their new status as a “family of four” and we chose downtown Providence, RI as our backdrop. It was a cloudy day which I love as it gives their images some mood and nobody is squinting when they smile. Their darling girls were a delight to capture and I was floored that this sweet baby didn’t ask to nurse one time the entire shoot! She was amazing and her big sis was a doll!

20180623_untitled shoot_untitled_45220180623_untitled shoot_untitled_52920180623_untitled shoot_untitled_70020180623_untitled shoot_untitled_75720180623_untitled shoot_untitled_85620180623_untitled shoot_untitled_109420180623_untitled shoot_untitled_1253

We had so much fun that they took me to lunch afterwards at a fabulous Italian restaurant and we spent the next hour savoring pasta and sharing stories from our travels in Italy ❤ Perfetto!

} All images are mine – Spot of Serendipity Photography. All rights reserved. None of this may be copied or reproduced without my permission. {

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