How to Make Protein-packed Healthy Breakfast Waffles for Kids

My kids are decent eaters. My oldest will eat most of things I put on her plate and is usually up for trying new things as well. My youngest…. not so much. But they both love pancakes and waffles! I mean, who doesn’t?

I have gotten really creative in sneaking in as much protein and vitamins and minerals as I can into almost every meal they eat at home. Pancakes and waffles are easy options for lazy mornings and a protein-packed breakfast for kids. They have no idea all of the extra goodies I toss into the batter and usually scarf down 2-3 waffles each. Success!

I am not a gourmet chef in the least…. in fact, cooking in general has only become something I don’t hate too much just in the last couple of years. Therefore, I present to you a very easy almost-made-from-scratch (ha!) protein-packed breakfast waffle “recipe”! This is no food blog – I am no Pioneer Woman – so if you’re into amateur cooking that turns out great, read on.

First I start with the Kodiak Cakes flapjacks/waffle mix because it’s already loaded with wholesome ingredients and protein. It’s an easy 1 cup of mix to 1 cup of water, and we substitute a little milk sometimes to make thicker pancakes or waffles.

After mixing the initial batter, I add a flaxseed and chia blend to add some omegas, antioxidants, and fiber. Flax is one of the oldest fiber crops in the world, dating all the way back to ancient Egypt and China. Some possible benefits of adding flaxseed to your diet include preventing cancer, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, and diabetes. (You can google all of those claims – I don’t need to provide links to google-capable humans.) Chia seeds date back to the Mayans and Aztecs. They are a slam-packed with nutrients for how tiny they are. “Chia” is actually the Mayan word for “strength” as they are known to provide sustainable energy. They contain tons of protein, fiber, fat, calcium, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus. Chia seeds are also loaded with antioxidants and omegas. There are claims chia seeds help lower the risk of heart disease. All in all, easy, super beneficial ingredients to add to breakfast waffles!

Following flax and chia, I add whole, stone-ground oatmeal. Oatmeal is also high in fiber as well as minerals including thiamin, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, and selenium. It’s an all-around nutrient-filled food and if you are nursing a baby, helps boost your milk supply too!

After oatmeal, I add in a generous amount of cinnamon and nutmeg – and pumpkin spice in the Fall. Not only are cinnamon and nutmeg delicious and especially cozy during the holidays, they are an excellent source of allllll the things. In this case, I AM going to provide some links because there are just too many amazing health benefits to both cinnamon and nutmeg to list in this blog post. Overall, both have anti-cancer properties, healing potential, and antioxidants.

Lastly, and truthfully this order does not matter in the least and changes every time I make waffles, I add in hemp seeds. I’ve been reading about hemp seeds recently and discovering how incredible they are. They are chock full of protein! They also contain a fair amount of omegas, fiber, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, and folate, and have antioxidant properties too. Hemp seeds are totally magical. I also use them in yogurt and cereal and smoothies.

After I’ve added all the “extras”, I stir everything in and then use our super cute, super cheap mini waffle maker. I think I paid all of ten bucks for it at Target. It heats up quickly and has a light on top to indicate when your waffle is finished cooking. I have yet to burn a waffle and I’m kind of notorious for burning and over-cooking things… I highly recommend it. It’s basically idiot-proof.

Add some Applegate chicken-with-maple breakfast sausage for even more wholesome protein! We eat these like they don’t cost five bucks a box ’cause they are sooooo good.

My youngest missing Daddy at breakfast ’cause he’s usually our “breakfast ninja”, not me ha! But she still inhaled these magical waffles even though I made them, not Daddy.

We eat a lot of breakfast waffles around here. And these are easy, delicious, and packed with protein and nutrients for my growing girls. Add some cinnamon and nutmeg during this Holiday season, fill up a cup of hot cocoa or French Press coffee, and enjoy!

Happy Holidays from our home to yours!

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