From the city with the most days of sunshine each year…

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Well, here I am in Yuma, Arizona! Ha. I remember all I heard for so long was how awful this place is/was. I am not sure where those individuals were from that spoke so poorly of this place but I really like it! I think the fact that I can be out in wide open space again, much like my youth in Texas, is comforting to my soul. Although North Carolina has a lot of good attributes and some rich history in parts, everything seems so crowded there. This feels like cowboy country, the wild wild west, a place near and dear to my heart.

The best part of this entire relocation for me is the fact that I have my horse in a pasture just on the other side of my backyard fence! I have never been able to live somewhere with my horse on the same property as me. It’s pure magic. I can see her from almost every back window of my house and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that.
Obviously, a road trip hauling a horse from North Carolina to Arizona gives you much time to think. I did the trip alone, which was perfect. The first day of driving (of which I ended up in Georgia for the night), I did not listen to much music. Usually I hate the silence of a car with only the hum of the highway to listen to, but there was so much drama and hub-bub with trying to leave North Carolina, that I welcomed the silent hum with an open mind. It was actually very relaxing. And as you travel westward across this country, you realize how many different types of cultures, terrain, and even asphalt we have in America. In ONE country. What we have here in the United States, you have to travel across different COUNTRIES to find in Europe. From the down-home southern living style of the Carolinas and Georgia to cajun Louisiana and, for lack of a better word, redneck ways of Mississippi to the cowboys and farmers of Texas and then into the desolate, isolated cacti in the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona, we have such incredible topography. What an interesting land we live in. And each place has its own history and food and music. Amazing.

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I found even more appreciation for this land we call home as I traveled across the States in almost their entirety. (Sidenote: I have driven across the country before but for some reason, this time I seemed to notice things in more detail or importance.)

As I settle in here, I am excited to begin a new chapter of life…..a long-overdue, much-needed chapter of life. There is still much to learn here, and I am still seeking employment.
Find the importance or detail in every day….it’s there somewhere.

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