the Ides of March..

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Still can’t believe it’s March! Where does time go? It’s now that I understand what my mom was saying when she would tell us “it seems like just yesterday you were a little baby”. I always thought that was so weird to my 15 year old self. But, experiencing life changing quickly – and watching my friends’ children grow SO FAST – I am starting to grasp what my mother was feeling. Some of my friend’s children are 6 or 7 now and I remember (like yesterday 🙂 the day they were born. I remember what time it was, what I was doing, who I was with, where I was living, all of it and it’s not even my own child!! Crazy… time goes so fast.

I think back on where I was a year ago this month and SO much has changed. So much. I am grateful for all of the changes and try to focus on what I can learn from them. I have pushed myself into some introspection in order to discover more of life’s meanings and what I want to be when I grow up. Wait…do I have to grow up…?
I believe every single person should – at some point in their life – for reasons of their own accord, look introspectively. It can do nothing but cause growth, if one so chooses. Some people may look at themselves from a birds’ eye view and think “eh, it’s too much trouble to change that part of me so I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing” while others may ponder why in the world they made the choices they did and how can they do better in the future. If you look around you at the people in your life, whether you are very close to them or only know them as an acquaintance, you may see them differently than they see themselves. It takes a lot of energy and sometimes pain to look at yourself from an outside view. Often, it takes a tragedy or trial of some kind to push someone introspectively. Whatever the situation or case may be, I believe it can only be productive for each of us to take a journey in introspection.
I am not sure why I am writing about this today…it just kinda came out. I feel as though each time I write, it should be about something significant, not just what I had for lunch today or what the weather was like. I want to write about something that may be helpful to others. One thing I have learned in my short 30 years is none of us ever “have it all figured out”. Never. We are constantly learning and growing our entire lives.

So, I challenge you to never become complacent with who you are or what you are doing because you could always be learning more. Don’t ever trick yourself into believing you know everything. You don’t – I promise 🙂 I certainly don’t!

Happy St. Patty’s!!!!

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