Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

That title was intended to be read in an “NFL Football voice”! I love Sundays. I have always loved Sundays but the reasons have changed over the years through different stages of life. As a child, I looked forward to going to Sunday School and usually that would mean Dad was hanging out with us for the day. As childhood morphed into high school, it was the day I didn’t have some sort of athletic practice or some meeting to go to or schoolwork to do. In college, those were the lazy days…I could spend time riding or being outside or just hanging out at a friend’s apartment with nowhere to be and nothing to do. When I was working 70 hours a week teaching, it became the day of rest, literally. And now, it means my hubby is not at work and it’s a day of breakfast out at my favorite breakfast spot followed by football. And football means Fall. And Fall means the beginning of the holiday season.

I spent September 11 watching the coverage of the memorial in Lower Manhattan while covering my house in fall decor. Even if it’s still 105 degrees outside, at least I can sit inside, watch football and pretend that there is cool, crisp autumn air outside! I love dragging out all of my ‘holiday boxes’, dusting them off and pulling each piece out. Each thing I have representing a different season or holiday brings back some memory in time. Whether it was the person who gave the piece to me or where I bought it myself or the first year I used it – all fun and happy trips down Memory Lane. The great part about moving frequently is finding a brand new spot for each piece in your new home! But now, coming home is such a happy experience – the smells, the pumpkins, the pretend fall leaves, the candles that smell like spice, and of course, football 🙂

This particular Sunday morning started with feeding horses and dogs and just listening to the stillness of the neighborhood. Have you ever noticed how much more still your town or neighborhood is on a Sunday morning? Unless, of course, you live in New York City, Sunday mornings are calm. There is less traffic, less hustle and bustle, and less noise in general. Even the horses seemed calmer this morning. And now, I am waiting for my favorite Sunday breakfast, french toast, at my favorite Sunday breakfast joint, Brownies. I think in the future, I will look forward to Sunday mornings, and Sundays in general, because that will be a time when the hubs and I can both be home and take time to play with our children and watch them grow.

What does Sunday mean to you? What are some of your Sunday traditions or things you look forward to?

Here’s hoping you have a fantastic Sunday!

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