The Best part(s) of my day

It is just six am as I write this. Baby girl is sleeping tucked closely to her daddy who is also in a state of a coma like he always is when he sleeps. I have been lying awake for the past hour just watching them. Listening to them breathe. And taking in all that life has handed me recently. Again – serendipity. This word keeps coming back to me. And I still love it for what it means and how it has been applied to my life. I first chose it to describe the love that landed in my lap out of nowhere without even asking for it. Now, it has taken on a new meaning to describe motherhood, another thing that has landed in my lap out of nowhere. I wasn’t trying to find the love that I’ve found in my little girl’s daddy and I was definitely not trying to create a human when she came along! What blessings they are. Everything seems so precious now. Death seems much scarier than it ever has. There is so much to lose for all of us.

I’ve decided I am now a morning person….at least some mornings. Living in the desert, the temperature is nicer, the birds are chirping, minimal neighborhood dogs are barking (except the one that lives behind me and barks WAY too early EVERY morning), my two favorite people are still slumbering, and I get to spend some time doing something that I love in quiet peace: write. Sometimes I read. In my days before baby girl, I used to do those things at night but now I’m just so happy to fall asleep curled around her tiny body that I can’t keep my eyes open for much else. I am so much more rested in the mornings to focus on these things.

So, I can’t decide…is the best part of my day when I fall asleep in the arms of my little family? Or when I find a few moments of solitude for my thoughts in the morning alongside the sunrise? It’s a toss up…

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