Giving In

I have never added photos to this blog. It seemed too time consuming and I guess I originally didn’t really want to sit down and figure out how I wanted them to look or where I wanted them to go. But now I feel is the time for a number of reasons…I have an adorable baby girl that my family far from here would love to see (dammit, I have become one of THOSE mothers already), I want to practice my photography even more, and I guess I feel like I finally have a bit of spare time in which to do so. Or at least I am going to make time. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those bloggers that posts all the time…I have three other blogs I am writing for and I only really get to write when baby girl is sleeping or with her daddy, which in not that often since the Marine Corps owns him.

For you loyal followers, you know have something to look forward to. That is, if you care 🙂 One day, I think this blog may turn into my photography blog…but we shall see. Maybe I will just keep it the way it. It’s a great outlet and a perfect way to get floating thoughts recorded somewhere. And now with illustration!! Woohoo!

As for a quick update, it is HOT HOT HOT in Arizona. August has arrived. Today we are up to 115. Poor Annie hates her life and wants to go somewhere lovely with much less heat. I have this overwhelming urge to drive her, baby girl and myself to Crested Butte and just hibernate there unitl the heat subsides later this fall. But I’m pretty sure daddy wouldn’t be too keen on that idea. Neither would my boss. So, here we are. Baking away and trying not to lose all of our sweat at once. Let’s just say we go through soem serious water consumption in this house.

I hope all is well in your world wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Hold your loved ones close and tell them every day how much you love them and cherish them. I have heard too many stories of dear friends lately losing people they love for one reason or another and it’s hard to watch. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow. Our culture has a tendency to live in the past or look too far ahead to what is in the future. Live TODAY and enjoy TODAY. Today only happens once.

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