Dreaming of a white Christmas…

Ahhh New York. I’ve been obsessed with this amazing city since my Senior year of high school when I first stepped off the bus at the corner of 55th st and 5th ave. I will never forget that moment as long as I live. I came with the high school choir to sing in St. Patrick’s cathedral (which was an amazing experience in itself) and it was love at first sight for New York and me. And we’ve had a long distance relationship ever since. People always ask me, “what is it with New York that you are so obsessed with?” and I have a million answers but my favorites in the Big Apple are the energy bouncing off the streets and buildings 24/7, the rich American history, the culture, music, art, opportunities and the diversity of ethnicities, races, religions and just people in general that fill up this city. It never gets old. I never tire of the skyline. I never tire of the hustle bustle. Now, if I ever get the chance to LIVE here all the time, I’m sure the day will come that those things will become annoying and get old. But for now, I am merely a frequent visitor so I still have patience for those things.

Baby girl and I are here for a couple weeks to soak up all that is holiday and festive about New York this time of year. We will get some much needed time with Daddy’s family as well as they live not far from here. While this is a whole new Christmas ‘routine’ for me, I thought it would remain as a special memory that she and I have for years to come. I cannot think of a time when we will have ‘just us’ girl time again. Although we wish Daddy was with us, we are making the best of it flying solo.

On the agenda today is lunch with friends and possibly some minimal shopping. Later on, my holiday roommate and I will tour 5th Avenue with all of it’s famous window displays and lights. I am hoping for snow on this trip but it looks like only rain in the forecast for now. I always imagine New York with snow at Christmas so maybe something crazy will happen over the weekend. I mean, the world hasn’t ended yet today so it’s looking good!

I hope that wherever you are today that your holiday is full of joy, happiness and health. Spend it with family or friends or whatever you have planned but I hope that you have a time to relax, unwind, eat beautiful food and find time to stop and enjoy living. We all get so caught up in the ‘to do’ list that we forget to LIVE. I am working on making major changes in my life to rid myself of a constant ‘to do’ list that is distracting me from LIVING and enjoying living. New York is just the beginning of this change.

Merry Christmas from the city that never sleeps….the concrete jungle…the place where dreams are made of…my happy place 🙂

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