Makin’ moves

I swear all my posts won’t be about my child but I rarely write about what she is doing so today I will do just that.

Baby girl is on the move. She started walking while holding onto my hands, I don’t know…maybe two months ago?? Anyway, then my aunt sent her a little bike thingamajiggy that baby can push around before they are ready to ‘ride’ it. It has four legs/wheels that swivel so it makes pushing and turning very easy. She would take 4 or 5 steps pushing that thing around the living room before we left Arizona for our holiday travels but then she would get bored/tired/uncoordinated and sit down and go play with something else.

For New Jersey Christmas, Santa brought baby girl the same sort of bike pushy thingamajiggy, except the wheels don’t swivel so requires a bit more strength, balance and coordination. We also have hard wood floors in New Jersey as opposed to the carpet in Arizona so that makes pushing a bit easier as well. BUT she is most definitely WALKING around the house pushing that thing. Like, FAST. She’s totally got it.

I will admit, when I first set her up for success on the handlebars at the end of the hallway and let go, I thought she’d take those same 4 or 5 steps and then sit down. Nope. She was off to the races! Hauling ass down the hallway like a champion. What a rockstar. I guess that’s what I get for carrying her in the Boba all over New York for the past couple of weeks and giving her no opportunity to walk 🙂 she nailed it.

I do have a video I took but think it might be too long to upload. Will give it a whirl though. Daddy did get the chance to see her in action via video chat the same day she surprised us all with her skillz. I don’t think it’ll be much longer before she starts strolling around on her own…..why does this baby thing go so damn fast? What happened to my newborn??

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