Sometimes a walk on the beach is all you need.

Today, it took me to a whole new place. Today I brought my camera with me. I also brought my iPhone and headphones for Pandora. And strapped baby girl to my back in the Ergo for her nap – works like a charm every time. While I am not really a “beach person” – never have been – there IS something therapeutic about the sound of crashing waves and how it blocks out all other noise i.e. traffic, sirens, people, dogs barking, birds chirping (well, sometimes you can hear the seagulls) etc. I tuned into Ingrid Michaelson radio and took off.

There were a lot of photo opps…and I got a lot of shots. I spent time playing with my camera settings and angles and trying to find the best subject for each shot. While I don’t believe anyone, including myself, will ever ‘master’ the art of photography – that’s what’s so great about it. You are constantly learning and constantly getting better. It’s always a challenge. It’s never perfect yet never boring.

I personally feel that a breath of fresh air brings new life to your soul. And anytime you are feeling tired, down, stressed or just plain bored, a walk-a-bout outside will do you nothing but good. You are re-centered, rejuvenated, re-inspired for whatever you have going on in your life at that moment.

These shots, all taken today, are completely UNedited. It’s lovely to not do much ‘processing’ when you come back from shooting ☺ happy happy! Enjoy!

same shot…different settings

all by his lonesome…

the clouds that had just passed…

footprints from yesterday covered in rain from this morning..

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