Long time, no write

Wow! It’s been a WHILE since I posted on here. Why do I always feel like I’m saying that when I write all. the. time. I say it on my business blog. I say it in my journal. I say it on my personal blogS….yes, that’s plural.

I am a writer at heart. I feel the need to get all these words that circle around in my head OUT. I feel the need to express things and get them on paper (or some form of paper) so that I can remember them later. I want to remember how I felt about something or how I came to some conclusion or why I learned what I learned. I think I’m a documenter. Of life.

In my photography journey, I’ve learned there is no “right” or “wrong” way to express yourself through art. Others may love your work and it may resonate with them or they may feel nothing when viewing your art and move on to the next artist. That is what makes us all different and keeps life interesting. I used to believe EVERYONE needed to love my art, my work, my photos. But as I keep learning and growing as a photographer, I’ve realized that doesn’t matter. What matters is what I feel when I create art and the emotions evoked in the viewer of my art, which hopefully is my clients!

Photography has made me look at life differently. Why do we photograph? Why are so many new mothers suddenly picking up a camera? Lately, being a “Momtographer” is pretty trendy. I like to not put myself in that category as I was a photographer long before I ever even wanted to be a mother. But documenting your children’s rapid growth is just about the best thing you can capture with a camera. And they are great practice!

This morning, I have a large cup of coffee sitting between my arms in front of my keyboard, my camera on one side of my computer, an empty plate where a yummy cinnamon roll was freshly sitting about five seconds ago and the latest issue of ‘Click’ magazine…something that is quickly becoming my favorite read. My new venture (NOT resolution) for this year is to take a photo every day that represents life that day, whether it’s the kids, myself, baby daddy or an activity that we did that day. Maybe it’s a client of mine. Maybe it’s an errand we ran that day. Keeping my camera with me as much as I can and snapping what moves me is a fantastic way to grow as a photographer.

So, drumroll please, here are today’s photos…a moment this morning when my oldest and baby daddy had a rousing game of ‘Horseopoly’ before breakfast. She got into it but then got pissed when she couldn’t buy the horse she wanted because she wasn’t on that square yet!


And, a view of the “morning mess” as I like to call it…basically I didn’t clean up the living room last night…

Hope you all have a great day!

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