Everything is changing

Birdie + Sakura Bloom = Xmas tree hunting
Change. Some love it. Some don’t. I need it. Routine, schedules, repetitive motion is all mundane to me. It’s poison to my soul and my creativity. I start to feel claustrophobic and stifled. I feel stuck. I feel confined to an imaginary box. I feel held back. Change feeds my soul. Change is good for me.


This post is two-fold: one, if you haven’t noticed already, I changed the name of this blog site….due to the fact that, two, I changed my business structure and brand. Turns out, running two Facebook pages, two websites, two blogs, two email addresses sounded ideal (and organized) when I started that endeavor but in reality, it was too much and highly inefficient. So I merged them…and now am operating as spot of serendipity | photography + doula services. You can find me at {www.spotofserendipity.com}….not to be confused with the previous site of {www.spotofserendipityphoto.com} which no longer exists but is now {www.spotofserendipityphoto.wordpress.com}. Thus, I changed the name of this personal blog site so it was not confusing for clients or people looking for me professionally.

So, here we are! Welcome to this perfect disaster we call WHISKEY WINE & SUNSHINE! Inspired by my two girls and illustrated by the perfect disaster that my life has become. One mess after another, more laughter and love and exhaustion than I think I can handle some days….but it’s more fun than I thought it would be back when I started this very blog and was completely uninterested in ever reproducing.

I see this blog as my sounding off place…a place to get some of the creativity that’s floating around in my head out (so that my head doesn’t explode) and a place to bookmark or save these life moments that are gone before I realize how awesome they are. I want this to be a place I can come back to over the years and get a glimpse of what life was like with little people in it. Since I am a closet aspiring novelist and have been working on my novel for like two decades now, I also want this to be a place to just WRITE and share.

Enjoy your weekend!


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