some personal space

we all need personal space, right? at least at some point in our days.

i need personal creative space. i have stopped and started about 5 or 6 blogs over the last 8 years. each one has a different theme and comes from a different place of motivation.

this one has been a long time coming. i need a personal space to share my photography not related to my clients, to share our daily life with bean + birdie, and all the thoughts and feelings within motherhood.

we just bought a farm. a small one, but a real one. in new york. my beloved new york.

do you have any idea how long i have yearned for a farm….and to live in new york? at least a solid decade. i google mapped it; it’s one hour and twelve minutes to central park. and a short two hour train ride to penn station in the middle of nyc. you guys, you just have no idea. i am SO completely stoked that i am not allowing any of my emotions to surface or come out out of fear that something might fall through, you know? our home inspection is scheduled for next wednesday…

SO. with a small farm comes more chickens. we have really missed our brood of chickens since we moved away from arizona in 2014. and also a pony for the girls. i mean, annie needs a pasture buddy too! the house needs to be painted and the upstairs evergreen carpet MUST go but other than that, it’s in really great shape and it’s almost all ours. i already have started a list of all the things i want to do to this house to personalize it as our HOME. we have been renting for four years now; it’s exciting to have our own place again and the ability to do what we want with it!

come visit! it’s a magical little place set back in the trees with only the sounds of birds during the day and crickets at night. glorious. although i will miss living in this gorgeous new england home and all the character that comes with that, i will not miss the sounds of construction all around us, loud dump trucks and vans going up and down our street which our house sits very close to, or the almost constant freeway noise from the newport bridge just outside the window. it’s been real, rhode island but PEACE OUT!

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