summa summa time

fireflies. sunsets. fireworks. crickets. popsicles. sunburns. late nights and lazy mornings. friendships. swimming holes. laughter. sunshine. thunderstorms. horseback rides. camp. hiking. roadtrips. beaches. boats. cousins.

this is summertime.

and this summer is magical. we moved away from rhode island last month after only about 10 months of living there. while it was beautiful, it was not our people. we are settling into the Hudson Valley in New York state and so far, it’s pretty great.

while we wait to close on our little farm we are finally purchasing (!!!), we are shacking up with friends on an almost 200-acre farm completely with goats, chickens, horses, cows, geese, dogs, and our new bunny, Pumpkin. bean and birdie are having a blast running free next to corn fields and fishing in the lake. bean is a golf cart driving pro now and birdie has already flipped the power wheels gator over on top of herself. standard.

we are loving cozying up in the upstairs barn apartment, cooking meals together, having daddy home all the time, and watching sunsets from the porch. it’s everything summertime should be and everything magical that childhood should encompass.
“birdie, gimme your mighty girl stance..”

this weekend, we hiked up to an old fire tower with kick ass views. we drive past loads of gorgeous horse farms daily. we have met friendly people again….which is a welcome change after living in new england. we are working on finding all the delicious restaurants and making memories with our new friends on the farm.

slow and simple – that’s the way life should be. if your life doesn’t feel like vacation, change it. we dread the day when daddy has to go back to work again and are soaking up all the family time we can get right now. even so, farm life brings peace and sanity and reprieve from this violent and angry world we live in.

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