Whiskey Spice Farm

(A belated post.)

We finally came up with a name for our little farm in the Hudson Valley: Whiskey Spice Farm. If you know, you know. If you don’t know, it’s a nod to our girls, G and J. We are so fancy, we even had custom stamps made for the eggs and egg cartons. It feels good to settle in here, in these woods and create projects to make this house feel much more like “ours”.

We bought this place for the land it sits on. The architecture of the home leaves much to be desired but the home was in great shape when we purchased it, had been well-cared for. And that’s asking a lot these days! We’ve made some updates and changes to give it more character…..ripped out all the old disgusting evergreen carpet that reeked of dog urine and put in Acadia hardwood, added some trim to the library to give it an old house feel, changed out the hideous living room fan to a simple but kinda country chandelier, switched out some faucets in bathrooms, and painted the entire house except the basement. I will get to the basement.

There is a lot of landscaping I’d like to do as well. Why is that shit so expensive? The badass back deck is painted a newborn poop brown. Horrible. But man, coffee out there in the mornings is amazeballs and wine at night when all the crickets and cicadas come out is nothing short of magic. It just constantly feels like we are on vacation out here – I love it.

Our 18 hens have settled in nicely. The coop that was already here on the property is literally the one I would have purchased or built if money was no object. It’s super great and I’m super happy with it. Needs a different coat of paint but will do just fine for now. Keep the chicks warm in the winter and safe at night in the summer…..at least when they actually go IN the coop versus the tree branches ABOVE the coop….But we’ve got more than a dozen eggs a day and I love listening to them chit chat in the afternoons. The poop on my front porch is not so nice however…

We really love it here and hope that we get to stay. I can be in NYC in less than an hour and I can hear a pin drop here at night. My morning stroll through the forest to the barn, coffee in hand, to feed the horses is inexplicably the best way to wake up….. especially on a cold, snowy winter day. In the summertime at night, I fall asleep with all the windows open while listening to the “night sounds”….the cicadas and the crickets and the frogs and the owls. Magic.

What a place for the girls to grow up. Room to roam, trees to build forts in, pastures to run through, water to wade in, frogs to catch, fireflies to chase, horses to ride, acres to race bikes on, gardens to tend, worms to dig up, bugs to catch….Whiskey Spice Farm is literally what childhood dreams are made of.

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