The MYTH of "40 weeks"

© Spot of Serendipity  Babies come when they are ready. Did you know that?  They are not “early” or “late”. They are right on time – their own time! It is going to take generations of humans UNlearning the term “40 weeks” to change this perception and thought process. If a woman’s (very) loosely calculated “due” date comes and goes with no signs of labor, … Continue reading The MYTH of "40 weeks"

Writing and hiking and a tiny photographer

I love to write. I really do. I know you can’t tell by the frequency in which I post on this blog of mine. And my journal sure as hell can’t tell based on the fact that I picked it up yesterday to write and discovered the last entry was in 2011! BUT I am attributing that to the fact that I have grown, birthed … Continue reading Writing and hiking and a tiny photographer

Everything is changing

Birdie + Sakura Bloom = Xmas tree hunting Change. Some love it. Some don’t. I need it. Routine, schedules, repetitive motion is all mundane to me. It’s poison to my soul and my creativity. I start to feel claustrophobic and stifled. I feel stuck. I feel confined to an imaginary box. I feel held back. Change feeds my soul. Change is good for me.   … Continue reading Everything is changing