I just feel the need to write today. I have so, so many posts that I have jotted down somewhere that remain to be written because I have not made time, alone, to sit down and write them. Soon…

We are on day 11 of travels…and day 6 of visiting the East coast. And Fall is officially here in New Jersey. It’s wonderful. Changing leaves, crisp autumn air, rain and cold nights yet you can still hear the crickets chirping through the open windows. To me, that is such a visible and audible transition from summer to fall. As much as I enjoy the uniqueness of the desert, I very much miss seasons and the transitions from one to another.

We drove across almost the entire country, save 250 miles or so, in five days with our 7 month old. She did amazingly well until the last hour or so of the fifth day. We stopped and saw dear friends we haven’t seen in years as well as family that lives too far to see as often as we would like. We saw Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri for the first time. We got a photo with the famous arch of St. Louis. We saw the gorgeous colors in the leaves of trees in Pennsylvania. We enjoyed a good old fashioned game of American baseball at Camden Yards. We saw my sister-in-law’s beautiful university campus and met her friends for parent’s weekend. AND, my favorite part, we saw the incredible skyline of Manhattan (that I never tire of) as well as walked the streets of that great city, soaking up all that energy bouncing off the streets and buildings.

I am not ready to leave. I love the weather. I love the autumn colors. We never made it to the pumpkin patch. There are still family members and friends I wanted to see. I don’t want to sit in the truck for five days more 🙂 And I don’t want more time to go by before Daddy leaves us for another six months. It is bittersweet.

But today we head back West. Back to Texas, Then back to our desert abode. I love traveling but I am exhausted. I am ready to sleep in my bed and snuggle my baby girl with nowhere particular to be. I am ready to start my winter vegetable garden. I am ready to see my horsie. Traveling is so good for my soul for so many reasons and I am thankful for these past couple of weeks and all that we have experienced as a little family. And I look forward to the travels we hopefully will have upon Daddy’s return to our lives…

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