Already. Again.

Deployment is here. Already. I don’t know if it’s because it’s Fall again or football is on tv again or I have the same Halloween decorations up in the house but I feel like I JUST did this. I JUST sat on the couch watching football without my man. I JUST put up all the Halloween decorations alone. I JUST lit the autumn spice candle for my own enjoyment. I JUST did this. Didn’t he JUST come home? How is he already gone AGAIN?

He was actually home for ten months…which is longer than I can say for some of my friend’s husbands who were only home about six months or so back when the war was really rockin’ and rollin’. Most of them were doing seven months gone and only five months home. I knew a family then that Daddy had never, ever been home for their youngest child’s birthday. And she was FIVE. He had missed all five birthdays. Insane. And then there are the Army guys that are gone for 12, 15, sometimes 18 months which is ridiculous! So, by comparison, this is not the worst case scenario. But it’s all relative, we all handle things differently and I truly feel like we had just settled into our little family routine since the last time he was gone.

But many changes have occurred since the last deployment. There is a small angel living amongst us now that was only growing in my belly last time. She has completely changed our view of almost everything and how we want to live life now that she is a part of it. We have taken some amazing trips to see family and friends and catch up after time lost. We have had wonderful friends throw baby showers for us and even more wonderful friends and family members send us the most beautiful gifts for our tiny baby girl. (I am STILL writing thank you notes…) We have started and stopped wedding plans way too many times to count due to the never-ending unknowns that is our life in the military. All good, good things. And all great things to come.

We spent the last three weeks traveling across almost the entire United States. I am overwhelmed with how many photos I have to go through but am planning to post them here. We saw so many people and baby girl met so many new family members. She logged some major car seat time in the truck, she took a train to Manhattan, she rode a bus to Baltimore and went to her first pro baseball game, she went to a college pub, she stayed in many hotels, she played with her sweet cousin in Texas, and she was held by more people than have held her in her whole life previous to this trip. What a champion.

We spent our last days with Daddy in southern California with beautiful weather and the ocean out our front door. Although I am not much of a ‘beach person’, we did manage to capture some unbelievable Daddy-daughter moments at sunset on said beach. I will also post those soon. What a great week together and a happy way to send Daddy overseas until we see him again. Just for the record, saying goodbye to your most favorite person in the world in a security line at an airport really blows. I do not recommend it. He almost carried that little girl right through security…he did not want to let her go. We watched him go until we could no longer see that handsome face. We trudged slowly back to the truck and then sat there and let it sink in. Man, I am going to miss that guy…

So, on to riding horses, painting the house, working on my photography, writing, reading, running, wine, traveling, and gardening! Let’s get this over with!

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