The MYTH of "40 weeks"

© Spot of Serendipity  Babies come when they are ready. Did you know that?  They are not “early” or “late”. They are right on time – their own time! It is going to take generations of humans UNlearning the term “40 weeks” to change this perception and thought process. If a woman’s (very) loosely calculated... Continue Reading →

Surfacing Thoughts As of Late

Thoughts that have been surfacing in the past few months... I feel like I always start every blog post with the following sentence: I do not get to write as much as I would like to. I love writing. I feel that my writing is not as good as it once was because my brain... Continue Reading →

Recent happenings

Some happenings around here lately.... It’s nice to be home consecutively for a while. The girls and I will be gearing up later this year for six months worth of (global) travel while Daddy is gone again. The weather in SoCal this time of year is amazing....just enough chill for me to be happy but... Continue Reading →

I think I get it now

Baby J's FIRST birthday - June 2015 At some point everyday, I think, “I want to write about (insert whatever lightbulb that just went off in my brain) today!” And I have every great intention to sit down after the girls are asleep and do so.  But then bedtime takes longer than anticipated – or... Continue Reading →

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